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This account is reserved for me being my sneaky self who would like to be retarded on the internet in peace with my friends (seeing as how I can't be retarded on many places any more). If you wanna be on my F-list you can message me! (I wont bite I promise) but I would prefer that I have spoken to you more than one time.

The most talking/posting I will do will be outside of this journal honestly. I use LJ to keep up with teh JRAWK NEWZ I also post not-so-srs sketches/ARTZ/DESKTOP WALLPAPERS/my fake graphic design/nerdy/embarassing things here. I'm not much of a ranter or anything humorous or drama starting like that, and just because we like the same band doesn't automatically mean we will be BFF. It's not a bad start, but it's not a reason to be added. Also I like REALLY REALLY dumb macros...just a warning.

Anyway~!! Yeah. I'm no fun! *does a dance*


...that pretty much sums it up. mhmm oh and if you don't appreciate sarcasm/making mindless fun of important and "important" shit then uh don't add me.

In short: I pissed in God's eye, and he blinked.